Monday, April 28, 2008

Stress and New Pics

Hello all, I am here at school, stressing out, not really happy. Mad about an ex-boyfriend...just not in a good place. Sighs. I cant wait to get out of here and back to Jamaica in 2 weeks..Hopefully i will feel better. Just posting a few random pictures

This is about a couple weeks ago.

This is from christmas time 2007, my little 80's head band look.

This pic kinda shows the texture of my hair.(I was asleep heheh)
Random ones now.

And thats it!

Bye for now.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first Post!

Hey there! I have been looking at other women's blogs for more than a year now.I have had sisterlocks for a year and three months, and its soo great! I do not really see any girls my age (21) with blogs up so I wanted to be one of the first so other young girls can see how great it is to be sisterlocked!..... Im just going to keep this short.

This is my hair when i started and now, a year and three months later..this is how it looks..

I dont really have those good before and after pictures like everyone esle lol..i am not really a picture person, but I do have a couple of shabby webcam pics to show the difference in growth and thickness.

The before picture is really

one month then a year and three months

Here are some more recent pics

and this is my pin up girl look lol

So as you can see, sisterlocks give you so much freedom and they look great too! I cant wait until my hair grows longer. My mom has had sisterlocks for 8 years, and they are soo long and gorgeous!!.... I also want to try some new hairstyles but i dont know what to do :-S.

Thanks for checking out my blog!!